Fried Wontons and Sesame Chicken Dinner Special

@ Yeung II Sushi Asian Cuisine - Hoboken, NJ

Thoughts: My apartment building just switched over to a new ‘buzzer’ system a few months ago.  As a guest, you look up the person’s name, do something, it will call the person’s cell phone and by pressing 7 (or 9) the cell phone will buzz you in.  

Well, I ordered this off of, the guy came in about 30 minutes and called me.  "Can you buzz me in?"  "No. You need to look me up and press a button."  "Ugh, ok, but there’s no button"  "What do you mean there’s no button?"  "There’s no button."  "Well, I don’t know, there should be directions there… people get buzzed in everyday"  "Yea, well, I dunno…"  "Can’t you just buzz me in?"  "No. That’s not how the system works…" "But…"  fuck, i can go on and on about this conversation, as it lasted about 5 more minutes but thank goodness someone let this guy in.  He was able to figure out how to use the elevator, but COME ON MAN YOU DELIVER FOOD FOR A LIVING.  FIGURING OUT HOW TO GET INTO APARTMENTS SHOULD BE ON YOUR GODDAMN RESUME.  

oh, well the food was ok.  Fried wontons were great and the sesame chicken was sub-par.  Also this yellow fried rice is bullshit.  There are too many chinese restaurants in Hoboken to give this place another shot. 

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