Parents’ Birthday Dinners - Homemade Fried Rice, Homemade Beef w/ Brocooli and Carvel Ice Cream

@ That Spot Where I Grew Up - Brooklyn, NY

Thoughts: I love my family.  and I love embarrassing photos of my family… which I took a ton of, but because I love them so much I’ve decided not to post them.  Instead, I’ve chose to highlight some of my dad’s most adventurous cooking for their joint b-day dinner.  The theme was Chinese, as we all love it, and he has a wok he’s been dying to use.  He made fried rice, which tasted good, but something went screwy with the consistency.  He used sticky rice, and it almost turned into a jambalaya of sorts (without the sausage, shrimp and such), so if anyone has tips on perfecting fried rice - please message me.  The beef with broccoli was supergood.  Using fresh broccoli was fantastic.  There was also an egg-roll from Shang-Chai, which he refried in the fry daddy.  I need not say more :)  

Lastly was the always classic ice cream sunday from Carvel.  Man, I miss their vanilla soft-serve…

Disclaimer: Everything cooked during this meal was Kosher, so let it be known that there has been something Kosher posted on the blog (cough cough mom cough cough).  

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